19 July, 2005

Things to do before deciding to kill yourself, part I

Originally uploaded by Carlsson.
* Make sure
* Take out as many loans as possible and spend it all on drugs. If you're gonna go you may as well go in style
* Burn all your personal possesions
* Make to do lists on your blog
* Stop answering the phone - what's the point?
* Let your personal hygiene become non-existent. Quite frankly, the extent to which your teeth look clean will play absolutely no role in making the paramedics' job any more enjoyable (and why should you care what they think? You're dead for fucks sake).
* Pick a method you like, and stick to it. My suggestion is smack, barbituates and a bottle of buckfast.
* Make a prank call to a stranger your last known act on earth


Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on man, get over it. You need a to take up a hobby or something. (not hard drugs or masturbation though)

5:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call someone, mate!

10:41 pm  
Blogger delete it yourself said...

Can I have your number?

2:20 pm  

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